International Athletes

The 2022 EAP Indoor Amsterdam will sadly not welcome international athletes. The covid situation forces us to cancel the travel/hotel-part of the organisation. We hope to organize the meet as a national or even a club meet, depending on the covid restrictions as set by the Dutch government.

The 2022 EAP Indoor Amsterdam was planning to be once again part of the EAP circuit. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020 we saw about 20 international participants competing at the Ookmeerhal, and we hope to have even more this year with performances like the standing track records. We are aiming to build on that success with more athletes, more PRs, and more fun this year!




Organisatie door Phanos



Sportcentrum Ookmeer
Dr. Meurerlaan 7
1067 SM Amsterdam

Atletiekvereniging Phanos Amsterdam
Olympisch stadion 1
1076 DE Amsterdam