The 2023 edition of the EAP Indoor Amsterdam will be on January 7th!

This year the EAP Indoor Amsterdam is back! Come and join us for jumping or sprinting at 7-January-2023 in the fast track in Amsterdam West. There will be four events: long jump, high jump, 60m sprint and 60m hurdles. The meet is part of the EAP circuit, which means that athletes from EAP clubs get their stay, food and participation covered by the organisation. All other athletes will be welcome and can have their stay, food, travels from and to the warm-up track/meet/Airport, and participation in the meet organized. A sign-up link will soon follow to get your place on this fantastic event in the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

The continuation of the meet is of course subject to the covid restrictions, but things are looking very good.


Organisatie door Phanos



Sportcentrum Ookmeer
Dr. Meurerlaan 7
1067 SM Amsterdam

Atletiekvereniging Phanos Amsterdam
Olympisch stadion 1
1076 DE Amsterdam