Succesfull EAP Indoor Amsterdam


On Saturday, January 7, AV Phanos organized the international EAP indoor competition in Sportcentrum Ookmeer. The international athletes and president of the EAP were already picked up on Friday and taken to their hotel and dinner was served for them on Friday evening in the Olympic Stadium. For more information about the EAP circuit see:

On Saturday morning the competition started and first the sprints for the pupils took place and from 11 a.m. The U20, U18 and seniors could do the high and long jump or run 60 meters and/or 60 meters hurdles. Many great achievements have been made. For results see The day ended with sprints for the juniors. A cash prize was available for the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the senior women and men (based on the points collected with their performance). Thanks to all volunteers and in particular (the group of) Urta without whom this competition would not have been possible. Enjoy the photos we took or watch the live stream back (note: four parts).





Organisatie door Phanos



Sportcentrum Ookmeer
Dr. Meurerlaan 7
1067 SM Amsterdam

Atletiekvereniging Phanos Amsterdam
Olympisch stadion 1
1076 DE Amsterdam