Concept time table

The concept time table is as follows:

11:30 1e serie 60m sprint youth
12:20 2e serie 60m sprint youth
13:30 Longjump M group B
14:00 Highjump W
14:30 Longjump M group A
15:00 Highjump M
15:50 Longjump W
17:10 Award ceremony “The day’s best jumping performance”
17:15 60 meter hurdles M series
17:30 60 meter hurdles W series
17:45 60 meter M series
18:15 60 meter W series
19:15 60 meter hurdles M final
19:20 60 meter hurdles W final
19:25 60 meter M final A + B
19:30 60 meter W final A + B
19:35 Award ceremony “The day’s best sprinting performance”*

Afterwards the diner will be served at the venue.

*the best performance of the final (based on IAAF scoring table) will be awarded. Times in series do not count for this prize.


Organisatie door Phanos



Sportcentrum Ookmeer
Dr. Meurerlaan 7
1067 SM Amsterdam

Atletiekvereniging Phanos Amsterdam
Olympisch stadion 1
1076 DE Amsterdam