Time table

For long jump and 60m sprint your best performance since 1 nov ‘2021 does influence wether you do participate in the main program or in the pre/after program. The best 16 long jumpers and 18 60m sprinters qualify for the main program. This means they make chance at reaching the final (3 extra jumps/1 final of 6 athletes) and can win the prize money.

whatstartendeventroundnumber of athletesnumber of series
pre program10:0010:00long jump mengroup B+- 18
main program10:3010:30high jump womengroup A+- 13
pre program11:0011:00long jump womengroup B+- 18
main program12:0512:05long jump mengroup A + final16
main program12:4012:40high jump mengroup A+- 14
main program13:3513:35long jump womengroup A + final16
main program14:5514:5560 m menA-group series183
main program15:0515:0560 m womenA-group series183
main program15:1515:1560 m hurdles menseries+- 17+- 3
main program15:2515:2560 m hurdles U20 menseries+- 7+- 2
main program15:3515:3560 m hurdles U18 menseries+- 8+- 2
main program15:4515:4560 m hurdles U20 women/womenseries+- 22+- 4
main program16:0016:0060 m hurdles U18 womenseries+- 20+- 4
main program16:1516:1560 m menA-group final61
main program16:2016:2060 m womenA-group final61
main program16:2516:2560 m hurdles menfinal61
main program16:2916:2960 m hurdles U20 menfinal61
main program16:3316:3360 m hurdles U18 menfinal61
main program16:3716:3760 m hurdles U20 women/womenfinal61
main program16:4116:4160 m hurdles U18 womenfinal61
main program16:5017:00Prize ceremony
after program17:0517:0560 m womenseries+- 36+- 6
after program17:2017:2060 m menseries+- 102+- 17
after program18:0518:0560 m U14/U16 meisjesserie 1+- 28+- 5
after program18:1818:1860 m U14/U16 jongensserie 1+- 17+- 3
after program18:3018:3060 m U14/U16 meisjesserie 2+- 28+- 5
after program18:4518:4560 m U14/U16 jongensserie 2+- 17+- 3





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