Free physio during Indoor Amsterdam


Feel a tense muscle during the Indoor Amsterdam? Get a free physio treatment on the spot. We have two professional physiotherapist to help you out.

Iris van Aken, physiotherapist and studying for a master’s degree in sports physiotherapy. In my work practice at FysiOK in The Hague and Zoetermeer, I treat a variety of patients, such as athletes and patients who start a revalidation after injury and surgery. In recent years I have been working as a physiotherapist at competitions such as the Dutch Athletics Championships and the Gouden Spike. I participated in competitions for years as an athlete myself.

Jamiro Elabeidi, physiotherapist and 60m & 100m sprinter. I work as a independent physiotherapist, currently working at Kolijn Fysiotherapie in Voorschoten (next to Leiden). As a competing athlete & physiotherapist, I have first hand experience with revalidation and sport-specific injuries. For screenings, diagnostics or treatment for any sort of pain, before, during, or after competition, feel free to visit.


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